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R11 – Curiosities and legends of Barcelona 1 – The Gothic



Gothic Quarter





2 hours


Plaça Catedral
Curiosidades y leyendas de Barcelona

We propose a pleasant two-hour walk at the end of the afternoon to learn about the curiosities, anecdotes and legends of the city of Barcelona.

On a historical basis we will find secret marks of the cathedral, cursed gargoyles, modernist mailboxes in the Gothic, stories of saints and martyrs, executioners’ amulets, traveling stairs and buildings, lying skulls… endless stories that will show you a Barcelona curious and mysterious.

For 2 hours, you will tour the historic center of the city, walking through streets and squares that you may have never seen before, even if you are from Barcelona. Always based on curiosities and anecdotes, you will discover the old quarter of the city and something of its history and how it came to be what it is today.

It is an entertaining route, suitable for all ages, ideal for families, couples and groups of friends who want to get to know the city center in a fun way. The route ends at Plaça del Rei, a place that if you don’t know, will surely surprise you… it really seems from another era.

We can also include

Visit to paid places (museums)

If you want, I can accompany you to one of the museums that we will find on our tour. As an Official Guide, I can make explanations inside them.

A coffee?

If you want, we can include a break or an end in a cozy place, where you can have a coffee and discuss the visit.


During the visit, if you tell me your interest, we can stop and shop in one of the unique stores that we will find on our route.

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